30 Minutes Policy

When we start your session, you will have 30 minutes to decide about any changes in style, quality, sizes to suit your liking. Passed the first 30 (thirty) minutes into your session, the full amount due for our service is due and becomes non-refundable. We will proceed with the assumption that you confirmed your choice and agree with the work being done. We will thenĀ not be able to make changes. Within 30 minutes, you can
  • Chose another size, style, quality
  • Advise on size, style, quality
  • Claim to be refunded
PassedĀ 30 minutes,
  • You cannot chose another size, style, quality
  • You cannot advise on size, style, quality
  • Full amount for service is due.
  • Full amount fer service is non-refundable.

Free Fixes and Touch up Policy

When your session is over, you will have 72 hours or 3 days to come back to the shop for any fixes and touch ups free of charge. Passed the 72 hours period, we will charge fix & touch up fees.